Storm Shelters

Keep Your Family Safe During a Tornado

In the past, storm or tornado shelters have been bulky, difficult to navigate, and unattainable cost-wise for the vast majority of the population.  Not anymore.  DCPI has created a sturdy, sleek, and relatively inexpensive shelter to keep you and your family safe during a tornado.

Our storm shelter was designed to allow easy access to below-ground protection.  One model allows you to enter a full size above-ground walk-in door and proceed down three wide steps to the floor of the shelter while another hillside model eliminates the need for steps. Benches can also be installed for comfort and storage.

The shelter is constructed of 5 inch thick concrete and reinforced with #4 (1/2 inch) rebar on one foot centers, making it strong enough to withstand any storm.  The door frame is cast into the concrete, and the door itself is custom made to fit perfectly.  Couple this with the fact that the door is attached to the cast-in frame at six points and you have a door that can take a pounding and still maintain its integrity.




since 1988

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